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LPG Vehicles

LPG vehicles are cars that are fueled by LPG, also known as "autogas." LPG vehicles have internal combustion engines and are dual fuel – running on either LPG or petrol. These dual fuel cars have two fuel tanks, with one for LPG and one for petrol, selectable by the driver.

LPG - Eco Friendly Fuel

Road vehicles are an important source of both air pollutants and climate-destabilizing greenhouse gases. LPG systems for vehicles reduce emissions of harmful substances in fumes (carbon dioxide by 15%, carbon oxide by 20%, nitric oxides, hydrocarbons by 50%). The system also eliminates harmful benzene, lead compounds and sulfates from the fumes. 

LPG Filling Stations

Toma Autogas Filling Station
13/A Abhay Das Lane, Tikatuli, 
Motijheel, Dhaka

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LPG conversion cars have lower running costs.
Autogas (LPG) is less expensive than petrol.
Engine oil and spark plugs need changing less often with LPG, so service costs are reduced.

Gasoline Price

Taka 89/liter

Autogas Price

Taka 50/liter

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